Turkmen specialists got acquainted with Georgia's experience in the field of forensic examination

The delegation from Turkmenistan, along with other representatives from Central Asian countries, got acquainted with the activities of the forensic institutions of Georgia.

The guests from Central Asia visited the Regional Department of Forensic Examination of the National Bureau of Forensic Examination of Georgia in Kutaisi, the forensic service of the Forensic Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Batumi. These institutions demonstrate the decentralization of forensic services in Georgia, emphasizing the country's desire to ensure the availability and effectiveness of forensic services in all its regions.

The participants also got acquainted with the activities of the departments of forensic medicine and engineering forensic examination.

The study visit was organized within the framework of the Law Enforcement in Central Asia (LEICA) project, funded by the European Union. It provided a platform for the development of regional cooperation and training between the forensic communities of Central Asia and Georgia.

The goal of the LEICA project is to build the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Central Asia to improve security at both the national and regional levels.


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