There has been approved the list of materials and equipment exempt from customs duty in Uzbekistan

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Resolution “On approval of the list of technological and laboratory equipment, its components and spare parts, as well as raw materials, medical products and packaging materials exempt from customs duties” No. 519 dated September 21, 2022 (the “Resolution No. 519”).

The Decree of the President “On additional measures for the accelerated development of the pharmaceutical industry of the republic in 2022-2026” No. УП-55 dated January 21, 2022 provided for exemption from customs duties for a period until January 1, 2025 of equipment and materials not produced in Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the Resolution No. 519, materials and equipment are exempt from customs duties, including:

  • raw materials and materials, medical products, packaging materials used for keeping laboratory animals, preclinical studies, production of medicines, imported by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, enterprises engaged in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products, specialized research institutes and higher educational institutions;
  • technological and laboratory equipment, components and spare parts for them;
  • “clean rooms”, sandwich panels and ventilation systems for pharmaceutical production facilities.

It should be noted that if the goods are not used for their intended purpose within three years from the date of conditional import, in accordance with the Customs Code, the provided customs privileges are canceled and the obligation to pay customs payments is imposed.

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