The territory of “Jizzakh” free economic zone is expanding due to eight new regional small industrial zones

On August 1, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 643 "On measures to support the development of entrepreneurship and the expansion of industrial production in the Jizzakh region." The expansion of the territory of the free economic zone "Jizzakh" due to land plots with a total area of 182.1 ha, located in four districts of Jizzakh region was approved. The losses of agricultural and forestry production associated with this are being compensated by the participants in the FEZ. The funds received are allocated for the intended purpose for the development of new and comprehensive reconstruction of irrigated lands.

In addition, new regional small industrial zones are being created on the basis of unused production facilities and state-owned facilities: Bakhmal (13 ha), Gallaorol (5.2 ha), Dostlik (2 ha), Zaamin (4 ha), Zarbdor (4.8 ha), Zafarabad (3 ha), Mirzachol (5.27 ha) and Yangiabad (1 ha).

State-owned real estate on the territory of the small industrial zone of Jizzakh region is transferred to business entities for long-term lease for 5 years at minimum rental rates, based on the type of activity carried out there, without increasing ratios. Subsequently, ownership of the object is granted, subject to the implementation of business plans, the creation and preservation of jobs, the timely payment of all taxes and other mandatory payments.

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