T h e   R e g u l a t i o n   o n   t h e   P r o c e d u r e   f o r   A c c o u n t i n g   a n d   C o n t r o l   o f   O i l   a n d   P e t r o l e u m   P r o d u c t s   i n   t h e   K y r g y z   R e p u b l i c   w a s   a p p r o v e d  

In order to strengthen control over import, storage, production and sale of oil products in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Resolution approved the Regulation on the Procedure for Accounting and Control of Oil and Oil Products in the Kyrgyz Republic, Technical Requirements for the Electronic System of Accounting and Control of Oil and Oil Products, as well as the form of the electronic bill of lading for oil products.

It is established that business entities engaged in the import, storage, production and sale of petroleum products are obliged to introduce and start using the automated electronic system of petroleum products supply from January 1, 2020.

Entrepreneurs engaged in retail sale of petroleum products at filling stations are obliged to use cash registers with the function of printing on the cash register receipt information on the sold fuel type, quantity, price and total price, indicating the code of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the EAEU for each fuel name, starting from January 1, 2020.

The resolution comes into force after fifteen days from the date of official publication. Published in Erkin Too newspaper on September 24, 2019, N 80.

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