T h e   p r o c e d u r e   f o r   l i c e n s i n g   t h e    
r i g h t   t o   u s e   s u b s o i l s   i s   a d j u s t e d  

The procedure for licensing the right to use subsoils is adjusted

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 443 approved the Regulations on the procedure for issuing licenses for the right to use subsoils containing non-metallic minerals, which has modified the process for obtaining a permit for the right to use subsoils.

As specified in the Regulation, the license for the right to use subsoils containing non-metallic minerals are necessary for geological study, mining, and the use of technogenic mineral formations. The licensing procedure has not changed significantly and is carried out by public bidding and through direct negotiations.

According to the Regulations, pilot mining of non-metallic minerals are no longer an independent activity for which it is necessary to obtain a license.

Currently, a single document is being issued as part of the coordination of a technical project for a mining and processing enterprise for the extraction of minerals, as well as for the removal of minerals and pilot development of the field.

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