The procedure and rules for the operation of non-governmental non-profit organisations will be significantly simplified

The procedure and rules will be significantly simplified

On May 4, 2018, it was signed the Presidential Decree, "On measures to radically increase the role of civil society institutions in the process of democratic renewal of the country", which will amend current regulating system of NGOs, specifically:

Firstly, instead of coordinating activities with the registering body (Ministry of Justice), the notification procedure for planned events is introduced;

Secondly, financial assets and property received from foreign states, international or foreign organizations, citizens of foreign states or on their behalf of other persons to the accounts of non-governmental non-profit organizations for the implementation of purpose and goals, stipulated by their charters may be used without any limitations after agreeing their receipt with the registration authority;

Thirdly, the receipt of grant funds for NGOs is carried out on the specially opened accounts in any banking institutions of the country. In contrast, currently, it is required to open special accounts in banks Asaka and National Bank for FEA, only;

Fourth, the single social payment rate for non-governmental non-profit organizations are set at no more than 15%. Speaking differently, it is equated to the rate for micro-firms and small enterprises, in Uzbekistan;

Fifthly, the annual aggregate amount of administrative expenses, as well as payments to the members of the Board of Trustees and to the Audit Commission of the Public Compensation Fund and compensation of expenses related to the performance of their functions, should not exceed 30% of the total costs of the HGO. Currently, it is limited to 20%;

Sixth, retired employees of non-state non-profit organizations should receive a pension in full, provided that the occupancy in the NGO is the only place of work.

Last but not least, the reporting forms submitted to the registration, tax authorities and statistical bodies, as well as the procedure for its submission are going to be simplified.

Furthermore, the Advisory Council on Civil Society Development under the President was established with the main task to develop civil society under the direct coordination of the head of state.  

On the basis of empty and ineffectively used objects of state property in Tashkent and Nukus will be created specially place at a zero interest rate for rent for NGOs, carrying out their activities in socially significant areas.

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