T h e   L a w   " O n   t h e   u s e   o f   r e n e w a b l e   e n e r g y   s o u r c e s "   h a s   b e e n   a d o p t e d  

The Law "On the use of renewable energy sources" has been adopted

The Law defines the main directions of state policy: the definition of priorities and the adoption of state programs in this area; strengthening the energy security of the country, the diversification of the fuel and energy balance in terms of the production of electricity, heat and biogas using renewable energy sources (RES); the introduction of innovative technologies, scientific and technical developments in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, expansion of production and localization of these energy sources.

Measures of state support and stimulation of energy producers from RES and their installations, privileges, and preferences in the form of their exemption from property tax in terms of installations for the production of energy from RES and land tax on sites occupied by these installations are provided by the Law. Energy producers are exempt from VAT in terms of the amount of energy sold to structural enterprises of Uzbekgidroenergo JSC. Manufacturers of renewable energy plants are exempt from all types of taxes for 5 years from the date of their state registration.

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