From the date on which this Law entered into force, the Law “On food products” has lost its legal force.

According to the new Law, the food products are unprocessed, semi-finished or fully processed products intended for human nutrition, including food additives, biologically active food products, food raw materials, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), drinking water (bottled), salt and chewing gum. This definition does not include feed products, living animals not ready for consumption, seeds, pre-harvest plants, medicines, perfumes and cosmetics, tobacco and tobacco products, narcotic and psychotropic substances, and contaminants.

The law also regulates the registration, approval, certification and monitoring in the field of food safety, including registration and approval of facilities (entities), maintenance of food safety register, product registration, certification of food and feed products, product monitoring.

It should be noted that the Law applies to food products, which have passed the stages of initial production, production and processing in Azerbaijan, as well as those imported into the country, and the stages of initial production, production, processing, circulation, utilization and destruction of food products.

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