The Law “On public-private partnership" has been adopted in Uzbekistan

The Law “On public-private 
partnership" has been adopted in 

The Law “On public-private partnership" has been adopted in Uzbekistan

The Law “On Public-Private Partnership” No. ZRU-573 dated May 10, 2019, has bee adopted. The document envisages the basic concepts, principles, instruments of state regulation in the area of PPP and establishes the authority of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Agency for the Development of Public-Private Partnerships under the Ministry of Finance (hereinafter - the Agency), as well as the rights and obligations of the parties to the PPP agreement.

The implementation of the project under the PPP consists of several stages.

1 – Initiation and preparation of the project.

The concept of the project initiated by the "private party" (the initiator can also be the state party), is approved:

at total cost in the equivalent up to USD 1 million inclusive – by the relevant state body (organization) independently;

over USD 1 to USD 10 million – by the Agency;

over USD 10 million by the Cabinet of Ministers.

All implemented projects are entered into a special register – a single public information system on the Internet. Details – the concept, conditions and criteria for the selection of private partners, the main provisions of the agreement, information on the processes of preparation and implementation – are open information and published on the websites of the state partner and the Agency ( ).

2 – Selection of a private partner through a tender or direct negotiations.

The agreement is concluded without holding a tender on the basis of direct negotiations in the following cases:

  • ensuring the defense and security of the state;
  • belonging to a certain person of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity, other exclusive rights, land, other real estate, and other property, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of the project;
  • defined by decrees and resolutions of the President.

3 – Conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement.

 The agreement is signed for a period of not less than 3, but not more than 49 years with the possibility of subsequent extension or early termination.