The control and monitoring system for the implementation of investment projects is started in Uzbekistan

The control and monitoring system for 
the implementation of investment 
projects is started in Uzbekistan

The Regulation of organization the implementation and operation of the Automated Information System “Control and Monitoring the Implementation of Investment Projects” was approved in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated July 22, 2019 No. 616 “On organizational measures for the implementation and operation of the information system in the field of monitoring and monitoring the implementation of investment projects”.

The document is applicable for ministries, departments, local authorities, other organizations which initiate investment projects included in the Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regional investment programs, as well as for government agencies exercising control and monitoring functions for their implementation.

Implementation of the system will start from August 1 in a pilot mode with a phased involvement of all participants, and full exploitation of the system with the integration with systems of government agencies will start from October 1. The licensing rights will be transferred to the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade till December 1. Before that, The National Agency for Project Management (NAPM) will exercise the general management of the works on its implementation and exploitation.

“Single integrator in creation and support of governmental information systems UZINFOCOM” LLC is determined as a system operator. The company is responsible for implementation, consistent operation, further modernization and informational security of product. Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy and Industry will provide functional administration in their respective parts, by controlling a database of investment projects (record and control, approval or rejection of changes and additions to them).

NAPM together with system operator will conduct trainings for employees of ministries and agencies in a two-month period during field visits. Local authorities will have an operational and practical assistance in it. 

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