T h e   8 - t h   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   M i n i n g    
C o n g r e s s   ' A s t a n a   M i n i n g   &    
M e t a l l u r g y '   w a s   h e l d   i n   A s t a n a  

The 8-th International Mining Congress 'Astana Mining & Metallurgy' was held in Astana



On 25-26 May 2017, the International "Astana Mining & Metallurgy" Congress & Expo took place, which is held for the eighth time.

The АММ Exhibition 2017 is the territory of advanced technologies and innovative developments for mining and metallurgical companies.

Exhibition Sections:

· Technologies and Equipment for MMC

· Chemicals for MMC

· Industrial and Environmental Safety

· Geology

· Engineering Companies

· Financial Companies

· Auditing Companies

· Innovative Developments

Luiza Dyussengaliyeva - Senior Lawyer of GRATA International Astana, visited the exhibition and took part in the Round Table titled: 'Discussion of Conceptual Issues of the Draft Subsoil Use Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan'.

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