Since 1, January 2022 information source “Registry of advertisers” will start working

Since 1, February 2022 providing services of distribution of advertisement by an advertiser who is not included to the Registry is gonna be banned and considered illegal.

Maintenance of the Registry is on the MART. It’s will be available for free usage on the Internet.

Therefore, this restriction does not spread on everyone. Including to the registry is not needed for the following services:

- outer advertisement;

- advertisement on the transport and inside of it;

- advertisement through using phone, telex, facsimile, cellular telecommunications, e-mail;

- advertisement in the buildings and places of cultural, educational, sport, sport-mass, touristic events, competitions, exhibitions, conferences, and others;

- advertisement on the paper source which is not considered to be printed mass media;

- advertisement on the Internet (including using advertisement facilities), which are not connected with placement in the online publications

- others which are defined specifically by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

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