S a b i n a   G a s i m o v a   t o o k   p a r t   i n    
A m C h a m   P r o c u r e m e n t   W o r k i n g    
G r o u p   M e e t i n g  

Sabina Gasimova took part in AmCham Procurement Working Group Meeting

The meeting was dedicated to Public Procurement Law Changes and E-Procurement. 

Following topic were discussed during the meeting:

  • Developing of E-tendering Platform for Public Procurement (by Mr. Fariz Jafarov, Director, E-Gov Development Center) and
  • Digital Transformation of Public Procurement (by Mr. Pavel Borodai, CEO, Procuriosity).

GRATA International was represented in PWG meeting by Sabina Gasimova (BDM)

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