R u s s i a   w i l l   h e l p   U z b e k i s t a n   i n    
t h e   m o d e r n i z a t i o n   a n d    
d e v e l o p m e n t   o f   a i r p o r t s  

Russia will help Uzbekistan in the modernization and development of airports
Uzbekistan and Russia are intensifying cooperation and are moving from discussing substantive issues to the plane of their implementation. The Prime Ministers Abdulla Aripov and Dmitry Medvedev agreed on this, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Recall, in Urgench, Dmitry Medvedev flew to the first meeting of the joint bilateral commission at the level of the heads of government of Russia and Uzbekistan, formed in October last year.

“The most important thing is that cooperation has moved from the discussion of substantive issues to the plane of their implementation,” he stressed.

During the meeting, Dmitry Medvedev also highlighted the need to engage in infrastructure development. It became known that the Russian company Novaport Holding will take part in the modernization and development of the airports of Samarkand, Namangan, and Urgench, about which a corresponding agreement was concluded.

The Russian Prime Minister also said that Russian manufacturers would supply metro cars for Tashkent.

“Ultimately, the partners are faced with the task of bringing the turnover to 10 billion dollars. I am sure that if we so energetically pursue all of this, we will succeed in the near future, ”the Russian premier believes.
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