Uzbekistan will initiate a new procedure for the review of legislation against corruption

Uzbekistan is pursuing a phased and targeted anti-corruption policy. The new provision was the next step in improving measures to prevent corruption. The Minister of Justice approved a new Regulation on the procedure for conducting anti-corruption reviews of legal acts and their drafts. The Regulation defines the concept of checklist and corruption as well as divides factors of corruption into the following groups:

  • corruption in stability and compliance with the law;
  • corruption in powers, rights and duties;
  • corruption in administrative procedures and their projects;
  • corruption in regulations and their projects related to oversight.

Moreover, there has been introduced a new method for identifying corruption factors through the completion of checklists by the developers of draft regulatory legal acts. Public opinion will now be taken into account in the conduct of the expertise. Citizens and organizations can express their positions by filling the checklist on the website regulation.gov.uz.

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