Reducing the period of self-isolation

For persons arriving from countries classified as a "red zone", it is required to observe self-isolation. Since 17.07.2021, the period of self-isolation has been reduced from 10 to 7 days. Now, when transiting from countries classified as a "red zone", self-isolation is necessary.

However, self-isolation is not necessary for persons who have an original or a copy of a paper document regarding the course of vaccination against COVID-19 infection.

NB: to exclude self-isolation, it is required to complete the vaccination course within 1 to 12 months before the date of the arrival in Belarus. The document must contain the initials of the person, the date of completion of the vaccination course in Belarusian / Russian / English.

For citizens of the EAEU member states arriving from the territory of the EAEU countries, it is mandatory to submit a negative result of a laboratory test for COVID-19 infection using the mobile application " Путешествуюбез COVID-19" (translation: “I am traveling without COVID-19”).

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