Prohibition on disposal of shares (stocks) in authorized capitals of Belarusian companies

On July 6, 2022 the Resolution of the Council of Ministers came into force, which defined the list of Belarusian companies, shareholders (stockholders) of which are prohibited to dispose their shares (stocks) in the authorized capitals of Belarusian companies. The list includes both the Belarusian companies and the shareholders (stockholders) against which the prohibition is imposed. The stocks of the mentioned stockholders are blocked on the "depo" security account due to the order of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus.

Consequently, if one wishes to dispose the shares (stocks) of the listed companies, the changes in the structure of the shareholders (stockholders) will not be registered.

The list consists of 190 companies and includes, for example, the Belarusian-Dutch joint venture limited liability company FARMLAND, the closed joint-stock company BELTEX OPTIK, the limited liability company Belamex.

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