The process of privatization land plots for non-agricultural purpose is amended in Uzbekistan

In accordance with Law “On privatization of non-agricultural land” No.ЗРУ-728 dated November 15, 2021 (the “Law on privatization”) the following are the objects of privatization:

  • land provided to legal entities for entrepreneurial and urban planning activities;
  • land plots provided to citizens of the Republic for individual housing construction and maintenance of a residential building, as well as for entrepreneurial and urban planning activities;
  • land plots on which state real estate objects subject to privatization are located;
  • free land plots.

Apartment blocks and adjoining plots, plots provided for realization of the PPP projects and plots provided on basis of agreement and contacts on social partnership are not objects of the privatization.

It should be noted that foreign citizens and legal entities, stateless persons, enterprises with foreign investments, state bodies, institutions and enterprises are not subjects of privatization. Only citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan are eligible to apply for privatization under the Law on privatization.

The privatization is carried out in two forms:

  • redemption of land plots by the subjects of privatization that they have on the right of permanent use (possession), lease or life-long inherited possession;
  • purchase of land plots through an electronic online auction.

An application for the privatization of land is submitted either through the public services centers or single portal of interactive government services. Payment of the redemption value of the privatized land is carried out by the applicant within 10 business days after receiving a notice with a positive decision.

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