P r e s i d e n t   s i g n e d   c h a n g e s   t o   t h e    
L a b o r   c o d e   o f   t h e   R e p u b l i c   o f    
B e l a r u s   o n   t h e   J u l y   2 3 r d   2 0 1 9  

President signed changes to the Labor code of the Republic of Belarus 

Among the most interesting changes we point out is the chapter on remote work. Legalization of the term “remote work” gives an opportunity to distinguish it from the homeworkers.

General rules of employment law will be applied to remote workers. However, the employment agreement can provide specific regulation on the order of granting of leave, setting conditions of work, features of document turnover.

The Code enters into force after six months following the official publication.

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