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b u s i n e s s   a c t i v i t y   d e s p i t e   t h e   d e a t h   o f   t h e   o w n e r  

Possibility of conducting a business activity despite the death of the owner

On November 25 the provisions will come into force that will allow businesses to continue operations despite the death of the enterprise’s owner. This change is very important also from the employees' point of view, since it gives them an opportunity for safe continuation of employment. From that day on, an entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship (i.e. a sole trader entered into CEIDG - Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity) will be able to appoint a so-called successive manager thus allowing for the possibility of keeping the company's business continuity after his or her death. The idea of entrusting the management of a business to one selected person in a period of uncertainty before the confirmation of inheritance rights may be very attractive for legal successors.

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