An alternative platform tender.mf.uz for the holding of electronic tenders is created in Uzbekistan

The platform created by XT- Xarid texnologiyalari LLC provided an opportunity for customers and suppliers to choose an electronic platform, which was previously limited to the UzEX platform. It should be noted that in accordance with the Presidential Decree dated 29June 2020 “On additional measures to improve the anti-corruption system in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, state customers must make public procurement through the electronic tenders.

The purpose of the implementation of electronic platforms is to provide method, in which assessment is made on the basis of points and method of the lowest prices. In the electronic platforms, customers are granted criteria for evaluating bids of applicants, in which customers assess depending on the importance of an indicator for customers. Quantitative criteria are based on indicators such as the number of specialists, experience in the market, price, delivery time, etc. that will be assessed automatically. Qualitative criteria will be assessed online by the tender committee.

Considering the availability of the platform for all customers and suppliers, the first tenders have already been held. It should be noted that a demo version of the demo.tender.mf.uz system has been launched which is available to conduct trial tenders.

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