Online seminar "Doing business in Kazakhstan"

On August 12, an online seminar "Doing business in Kazakhstan. JV. Consortium. AIFC" was held. The speakers were Zaira Sarsenova, Partner and Aruzhan Aimak, Counsel of GRATA International.

The issues that were considered by Zaira Sarsenova at the seminar concerned key points on the legal regulation of joint ventures and consortium, including corporate governance, decision-making mechanisms and termination of partnership.

Aruzhan Aimak in her speech highlighted the features of the legal regime of the AIFC, the establishment of companies on the territory of the center, and also noted some practical aspects of corporate governance in the AIFC.

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Aruzhan Aimak
Contacts: Aruzhan Aimak
Job title: Counsel
Astana, Kazakhstan
Zaira Sarsenova
Contacts: Zaira Sarsenova
Job title: Partner, Atyrau and Aktobe Branch Director
Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
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