O n   M a y   2 9 ,   t h e   d e p u t i e s   o f   t h e    
J o g o r k u   K e n e s h   o f   t h e   K y r g y z    
R e p u b l i c   a p p r o v e d   t h e   d r a f t   l a w    
O n   P u b l i c - P r i v a t e   P a r t n e r s h i p  

On May 29, the deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic approved the draft law “On Public-Private Partnership”
Was approved A new version of the law “On Public-Private Partnership” in the second reading. The draft law was developed in order to simplify procedures and reduce time periods in the process of preparing public-private partnership projects, selecting a private partner, and reducing the time frame for holding a tender.

“During the discussion of the draft law in the first reading it became known that the current law “On public-private partnership” was adopted in 2009, but it did not work for several years. For its implementation were developed 8 regulatory legal acts, was created a fund for project financing. 17 projects worth $ 166 million have been implemented, including 4 projects in the health sector.

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