New Law On protection of personal data came into action in Belarus

New Law On protection of personal data came into action in Belarus

For companies, it means additional liabilities and the need to develop an algorithm for processing personal data of any kind of individual whether it is current and potential clients or representative of a legal entity. 

Changes concern both employment relationships and relationships with counterparties.

For example, for processing the personal data of clients each company shall develop and place an online privacy policy and a form of consent for processing and protecting personal data. Moreover, companies shall prepare a Statute on processing and protecting personal data.

In the part of employment relationships, a procedure of processing CVs, receiving additional data from newcomers to the company (e.g. phone number, e-mail, etc.), receiving employers’ photos for the company’s website or stand shall be overviewed. To do that amendments to the internal employment regulations, job descriptions, employment contracts shall be done. Therefore, companies need to remember that consent of employers for processing personal data received before new law’s entry into force is not needed.

We also want to remind that information on the number of individuals responsible for the internal control of processing personal data and the number of individuals processing personal data who need to get trained in the National center of protection of personal data shall be provided to the National center of protection of personal data not later than 15, December 2021.

For information: for the violations in the sphere of personal data the administrative sanctions are changed and criminal sanctions are added. For example, intentional collection, processing, storing, or disturbing of personal data against law or violation of rights connected with the processing of personal data entail a penalty in the amount of approximately 520 euro. And non-providing the protection of personal data of individuals by the legal entities – approximately from 210 to 520 euro.

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