Natalia Zhuk and Polina Sachava were the speakers of the law anti-crisis forum "Restart-2022"

On April 29, 2022, within the Anti-crisis forum of lawyers "Restart-2022" Natalia Zhuk, Counsel of GRATA International, Belarus and Polina Sachava, Specialist in contract law of GRATA International, Belarus, covered the issues of working with foreign counterparties under sanctions.

Experts of GRATA International, Belarus performed on the following topics:

  • Modification and termination of the contract with a non-resident counterparty in the current realities. The possibility of termination of the contract on the basis of a public authority's act
  • Recommendations on legal support of the execution of currency contracts (what actions shall be taken by a lawyer if the repatriation period expires, and money has not been received from a non-resident; how to prolong the repatriation period; what are the ways of termination of the repatriation obligation, etc.). Features of execution at the present time.
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