The Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan will start publishing financial data of state bodies and legal entities with a state share

On February 3, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the Strategy of Actions on the five Priority Areas of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 (the “Strategy”). The Strategy was approved by Presidential Decree No.УП-6155.

First, the Strategy extends the effectiveness period of the previously adopted measures to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic until December 31, 2021. These measures are mainly applicable to entities operating in the tourism, transport and catering sectors, entities experiencing temporary difficulties and small businesses.

In addition, starting from May 1, 2021, the Ministry of Finance will publish financial data of State bodies and legal entities with state shareholding in publicly available resources i.e. mass media and the Internet. In particular, the Ministry must publish the following information:

  • incomes and expenses of funds of State bodies;
  • purchases made by legal entities with a state shareholding in the authorized capital of 50 or more percent, as well as legal entities with 50 or more percent of the authorized capital owned by legal entities with a state shareholding;
  • the amount and recipients of State subsidies and grants.
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