Measures taken to improve the activities of NAPU

Measures taken to improve the 
activities of NAPU

Measures taken to improve the activities of NAPU

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures to further improve the activities of the National Agency for Project Management” on 10 January.

The head of Uzbekistan handed over two centers under NAPU and some key agency powers to other ministries and departments.

In particular, the Ministry of Finance will receive the authority of the National Public Procurement Agency in the field of public procurement, and the State Committee on Competition in the field of state regulation of valuation activities and approval of property valuation standards.

The Center for Comprehensive Examination of Projects and Import Contracts at the National Association of Industrial Competitions was transferred to the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

The President also handed over the authority of NAPU and the Center for Accreditation at NAPU for licensing the development of architectural and town planning documentation, as well as accreditation of persons carrying out expertise of construction projects to the Ministry of Construction of Uzbekistan.

The Center for Accreditation at NAPU has been transferred to the Uzbek Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

The decree notes that NAPU and its subordinate organisations projects and related documentation and contracts, including import ones, in the field of public procurement are not subject to examination at the Center for the examination of projects and import contracts.

At the NAPU, an e-government and digital economy project management center is being created. At the same time, the Center for Development of Electronic Government System at Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications was abolished.