Measures To Be Taken In Courts To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infection In The Republic Of Azerbaijan

According to the Decision #6 of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated April 23, 2020, all courts are recommended to:

  • Suspend hearing of all cases, except for those, which require urgent consideration or do not require court hearing (extension, change, abolition of restrictive measures, cases of administrative detention, simplified claims litigation etc.);
  • Consider administrative cases without oral hearing;
  • Take into consideration the requirements of the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and conduct court proceedings on civil cases and commercial disputes via the "Electronic Court" information system;
  • Accept for review criminal cases of accused persons, in respect of whom a preventive measure was taken in the form of pre-trial detention.

The Decision also states that the reception of persons in all courts should be suspended, and the reception should be carried out only by telephone, mobile and Internet. Individuals and legal entities should be advised to send their applications to the courts, including appeals and cassation complaints, by mail or electronically.

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