Legal developments in Uzbekistan for July-August 2020

Legal developments in Uzbekistan for July-August 2020
  • Uzbekistan partially eased quarantine restrictions starting from 15 August 
  • Regulatory legal acts on licensing of banking activities in Uzbekistan have been merged into one document 
  • Deputies have approved 3 Laws and sent 2 Parliamentary requests in Uzbekistan 
  • A corruption rating of governmental bodies and regions will be launched in Uzbekistan 
  • Preferences for green energy producers 
  • Uzbekistan will transfer airports to investors' management on a “package principle” 
  • A Presidential Decree on improving the efficiency of justice has been signed 
  • The President has signed a number of regulatory acts on Sanitary and Epidemiology Services 
  • Regulation on the application of the Convention on Temporary Admission has been approved 
  • Industrial clusters will appear in every region of Uzbekistan 
  • Excise tax on imported vehicles and recycling fee 

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