Law "On Advertising" - new requirements

Law "On Advertising" - new requirements

From July 8, 2021, amendments to the Law "On Advertising" will come into force. The changes contain several innovations. We bring some of them to your attention.

If an advertisement contains information about an activity that implies the presence of a certificate, qualification certificate, license, or other documents to confirm the right to engage in it, then advertising is possible only if such a document is present.

The list of information for which the font requirement applies has been broadened. For example, on the price of an object, on the reasons for using the words “number one”, “first” and other words in advertising that create the impression of the advantage of the product over other products. In such a situation, the font shall be at least half the largest font size.

The amendments introduce a ban on the placement (distribution) of advertising by telephone, e-mail without the prior written consent of the subscriber (addressee). The consent shall be formalized in writing by drawing up a text document, including a document in electronic form and an electronic document (an indication of the possibility of terminating the mailing is mandatory). At the first request within one working day of the subscriber (addressee), the mailing shall stop.

The grounds for recognizing an advertisement as unreliable or unfair have been changed. For example, previously a negative assessment of a product that was produced and (or) sold by another organization or another citizen was recognized as unethical advertising. From July 2021, such activities will be considered unfair advertising.

The provision that Belarusian organizations and (or) citizens of Belarus shall be involved in the production of advertisements for domestic goods on the territory of Belarus is excluded.

The volume of medical advertising, subject to approval by the Ministry of Health, has been reduced. The ban on indicating discounts in advertising (as a form of material incentives) for the purchase of medicines, medical products, medical equipment, biologically active food additives, etc. has been canceled.

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