In Uzbekistan, a procedure for leasing state property has been established

By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 14, 2023, No. 660, "On Improving the Procedure for Leasing State Property," the Regulation on the procedure for leasing state property has been approved.

The Regulation on the procedure for leasing state property specifies:

  • the rules for leasing state property;
  • the procedure for establishing the amount of rent;
  • the procedure for concluding a lease agreement and calculating the rent;
  • the involvement of the depositary in lease relations, including its rights and obligations;
  • as well as keeping records of leased state property.

Starting from March 1, 2024, the collection and distribution of rent for state property will be conducted through the electronic system "E-ijara".

A lease agreement concluded after an online auction is executed in electronic form using an electronic digital signature. The rent shall be paid in advance in the amount of 100 per cent for the following period within the established terms specified in the lease agreement.

The mentioned procedure does not apply to the lease of:

  • state property abroad;
  • objects of tangible cultural heritage;
  • educational classrooms;
  • production workshops;
  • buildings in closed territories of law enforcement agencies;
  • concert halls;
  • official housing of state organizations;
  • land plots; and other categories specified in relevant presidential documents or Cabinet of Ministers decisions.
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