Systemic improvements in the field of intellectual property of Uzbekistan

Within the framework of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to improve the system of protection of intellectual property objects” No.PP-4965 dated January 28, 2021 (hereinafter – the “Resolution No.PP-4965”), there has been envisaged lifting of existing restrictions, as well as measures for systemic improvement in the field of intellectual property.

According to the Resolution No.PP-4965, starting from April 1, 2021, it is planned to lift the existing restrictions in the legislation regarding the registration of trademarks and service marks exclusively in the name of legal entities and individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities, based on the norms of international treaties in the field of intellectual property. Also, the procedure for accelerated examination is being introduced, which makes it possible to carry out State registration of intellectual property objects at the shortest possible time period.

In addition to the above, the Resolution No.PP-4965 established the following privileges for national exporters:

  • the costs of registration abroad of appellations of origin (geographical indications) of goods made before January 1, 2025, are fully covered by the extra-budgetary funds of the Agency on Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Justice;
  • in 2021-2022, the national registration of trademarks is free for the exporters, as well as for those carrying out activities in the field of agriculture and handicrafts, in the total turnover of which the share of exports is more than 60 percent.
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