Improved state construction control procedure will be introduced in Uzbekistan

The Resolution of the President dated February 5, 2020 envisages a new, improved procedure for state control in the field of construction, which will come into force from April 1, 2020 (the “Resolution of the President”). The Resolution of the President provides the following developments:

  • The establishment of differentiated requirements for design documents expertise, the procedure and duration of state control of facilities depending on their risk categories;
  • The exception for low-risk category facilities of mandatory requirements from expertise of design documents. In turn, an instrumental technical expertise has been introduced to determine whether low-risk category facilities meet the requirements provided by Uzbek law;
  • Strengthening the qualification requirements and responsibility of inspectors of the Control Inspection in the construction sector under the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan and territorial inspections, as well as individuals who perform technical and field supervision of facilities falling under the high-risk category;
  • The phased introduction during 2020 of modern information and communication technologies, including electronic document management under the “Transparent Construction” system, which is controlled by the state.

The Inspection for control in the field of construction and territorial inspections within the framework of state control has been granted broader authority, including the ability to suspend the construction and installation of works in the event of violations, issue legal orders to individuals and legal entities in order to cure identified violations, send proposals to authorized state bodies for the suspension or cancellation of issued licenses in the field of design and construction. Additionally, the status of the Inspection has been upgraded, which is now a legal entity in the form of a state institution and is accountable to the Ministry of Construction.

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