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Bolat Miyatov Has Rejoined the Firm after Completing Studies at Harvard Law

Картинки по запросу harvard law school

GRATA is pleased to announce that Corporate Partner Bolat Miyatov is again a part of our team.

In April last year, Bolat enrolled in the one-year LL.M (Master of Laws) program at Harvard Law School, one of the most preeminent and prestigious law schools in the world ranking among the top universities.

Each year thousands of candidates apply to this program, but just around four percent of them get access to exceptional legal mentors, largest academic law library and the opportunity to be among those who shape the legal environment. 

After completing the LL.M studies and passing the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), Bolat Miyatov took the New York Bar exam. Upon passing this exam, Bolat would become eligible for membership in the New York Bar.

We are very proud of Bolat and wish him good luck as he continues to grow within our firm.

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