GRATA International in Southeast Asia

GRATA International in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian countries have a great economic potential and continue to grow even in challenging conditions. Ambitious companies of this region seek new markets and are ready to invest globally and especially in Eurasia. This is exactly why GRATA International starts proactive marketing efforts in this prospective region through its representative in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Following GRATA International’s business strategy, we strive to be as close as possible to our clients in order to interact with them efficiently and expeditiously.  The location of Kuala Lumpur is optimal for communication with any large city of Southeast Asia. This, in conjunction with GRATA International’s representative in Beijing, will provide coverage of the entire Asian region.   

Anuar Nurmagambetov will be GRATA International’s Representative and Director of Business Development in Southeast Asia. You can find Anuar’s bio in the link here:

Anuar Nurmagambetov, Representative and Head of Business Development in Southeast Asia: Asia remains the world’s growth driver for a long time, and Kuala Lumpur is at the heart of it. Many foreign investors are particularly interested in using Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur as their regional operational hub to tap into the growing opportunities in emerging Asia, taking an access to the whole Southeast Asia region. With its world-class infrastructure, technological readiness, capable, reliable human capital and attractive government incentives that encourage investments, we are confident that Kuala Lumpur would meet our clients needs as a hub for regional expansion in Southeast Asia. Considering a business friendly environment and a cost competitive location to operate as a regional base, many foreign and local investors are getting a bilateral bridge between Asia and the world. It is undoubtedly right that the existing potential of GRATA International will stay in position to capture the current momentum uncertainty to help its clients to solve all issues with searching for new investment destinations and diversification of their portfolios in this region or across the world”. 

Aidar Sarymsakov, Senior Partner: "We are naturally optimistic and we believe that energetic, ambitious and goal-oriented people create their own business opportunities. We know that for success you need a goal, an effective business model, a reliable system and talented hard-working people.  By attracting such talent, our team grows stronger every time. Anuar possess these exact qualities. Combining with his extensive experience, practical and academic skills, Anuar  is an invaluable resource for our clients who seek access to all offices and services of GRATA International".

Contact details:

T.: +60 116 180 0848