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GRATA Representatives Held a Workshop within OILTECH Atyrau 2015

On 14-15 April, in Atyrau there was the 9th Atyrau Regional Oil Technological Conference - OILTECH Atyrau 2015. 

This event is one of the key annual events of the West Kazakhstan region, which brings together about 150 professionals from around the world. 

The event was officially supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau regional Akimat, KazMunaiGas, Kazakh Society of Petroleum Geologists, KazService.

GRATA was represented by its workshop held by Zaira Kaissar - Councel, Head of Atyrau Branch, and Yerbolat Yerkebulanov - Councel, Department of Natural Resources. Workshop Focus: Nuances and Features of Doing Business in Kazakhstan.

Yerbolat Yerkebulanov
Contacts: Yerbolat Yerkebulanov
Job title: Partner
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Zaira Sarsenova
Contacts: Zaira Sarsenova
Job title: Partner, Atyrau and Aktobe Branch Director
Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
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