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R e p o r t   a t   O I L T E C H   A t y r a u   2 0 1 5  

GRATA Representatives Gave a Report at OILTECH Atyrau 2015

On 14-15 April, in Atyrau there was the 9th Atyrau Regional Oil Technological Conference - OILTECH Atyrau 2015. 

Main Issues of the Conference:

▪ New technologies and methodologies in the area of geological exploration, development and oil recovery increase

▪ Problems in construction of super-viscous oil fields; Practical aspects of drilling, production and maintenance

▪ Fields infrastructure and wells maintenance: development of a comprehensive action plan for the improvement of operational efficiency and quality in production assets management

▪ Development of oil processing and petrochemistry

▪ Environmental safety of fragile environment of the Caspian Sea and prevention of accidents

GRATA was represented by Makhmetova Leila Muratovna - Head of Environmental Law and Licenses and Permits Departments. Report Focus: Legal Protection of the Environment in Kazakhstan in Maritime Oil Operations

Contacts: Leila Makhmetova
Almaty, Kazakhstan
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