G R A T A   I n t e r n a t i o n a l   i n   M o n g o l i a   h a s   b e e n   s e l e c t e d   a s   a   l e g a l   a d v i s o r   o f   M o n g o l i a   I n d i a n   B u s i n e s s   c o u n c i l  

Umguulliin Absolute Advocates LLP, an associate law firm of GRATA International has been selected as a legal advisor of Mongolia Indian Business council and executed Memorandum of Understanding on this collaboration on 17 October, 2020.  Mongolia India Business Council is a non-governmental organization which is incorporated duly in 2016 in Mongolia for promoting business and economic relations of Mongolia and India.

The USD 1 billion oil refinery being built with Indian aid in Mongolia will be completed by December 2022 and will meet about three-fourths of Mongolian oil requirement. Within framework of this mega project in Mongolia, Mongolia India Business Council will play a key role on bridging business relations and project implementation with involvement of Indian contractors and local subcontractors.

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