G R A T A   L a w   F i r m   S p o n s o r e d   a    
D i n n e r   a h e a d   o f   t h e   O I L T E C H    
A t y r a u   C o n f e r e n c e  

GRATA Law Firm Sponsored a Dinner ahead of the OILTECH Atyrau Conference

On 13 April, in Atyrau there was a dinner (sundowner) ahead of the 9th Atyrau Regional Oil Technological Conference - OILTECH Atyrau. 

The sundowner was organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan and sponsored by GRATA Law Firm. 

Attendees of the event included general directors and managers of large companies such as: Parker Drilling LLP, Lloyd's Register Group,  Kisorion, Shell, etc. A special guest was the Netherlands Ambassador in Kazakhstan - Hans Driesser.

GRATA Law Firm was represented by Samat Daumov - Managing Partner, and Zaira Kaissar - Head of Atyrau Branch

Zaira Sarsenova
Contacts: Zaira Sarsenova
Job title: Partner, Atyrau and Aktobe Branch Director
Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Samat Daumov
Contacts: Samat Daumov
Job title: Partner, Director of GRATA International in Nur-Sultan, Representative of GRATA International in Dubai, UAE
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Dubai, UAE
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