GRATA International in PRAVO 300 2019

GRATA International
in PRAVO 300 2019

The team of lawyers from the integrated offices of GRATA International in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don have achieved high results in the national ranking of Russian law firms "PRAVO-300".

GRATA International St. Petersburg strengthened its position compared to last year
and took the following positions:

1) Corporate law / Mergers and acquisitions - Regional rankling, group I

2) Labor and migration law - Regional rankling, group II

3) Tax consulting and disputes - Regional rankling, group III

4) Arbitration proceedings - Regional rankling, group IV

5) Bankruptcy - Regional rankling, group IV

6) TOP 50 Law firms - by revenue, Regional rankling, 13th place;

7) TOP 50 Law firms - by number of lawyers, Regional rankling, 18-22 nd  places.

GRATA International Rostov-on-Don  took the following positions this year:

1) Maritime law – Federal rankling, II group,

2) Arbitration proceedings – Regional rankling, IV group,

3) TOP 50 of Law Firms – by the income, Regional ranking, 27th place,

4) TOP 50 of Law Firms – by the number of lawyers, Regional rankings, 18-22nd places.

The “PRAVO 300” ranging is the most extensive study of the Russian legal market, which reflects the latest trends in the industries development.

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