GRATA International will speak at the Almaty Trade and Customs Working Group

GRATA International will speak at the Almaty Trade and Customs Working Group

The meeting will be hold on September 24th from 11:00am - 12:30pm in Aktau, in the AmCham Office, Rixos Hotel Business Center, 8th Floor.

Kamila Urazalina, Senior Lawyer of the GRATA Law Firm’s Customs Law Department will be delivering a presentation on the “Practical Issues of Customs Control”.  


  1. Change in the limitation period from 2020
  2. Criteria for the appointment of customs inspections of participants in external economic activity
  3. Customs value issues and inclusion practices of additional costs to the customs value of the goods
  4. Commodity nomenclature code and product classification
  5. The practice of appealing against customs inspections

During the seminar, delegates will receive practical advice on conduction and assignment customs checks. The seminar will be interesting and useful for financial directors, accountants, logisticians, lawyers and company managers.

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