GRATA International will participate in the Astana International Forum

The Astana International Forum is scheduled to take place in Astana on June 8-9, 2023.

The forum's mission is to foster international cooperation, peace through dialogue, and understanding on critical global issues, ranging from climate change to security and development.

The two-day event will feature hundreds of international speakers and moderators across 40 panels and side events.

The program is designed to address the world's key challenges. It revolves around the overarching theme of "Tackling Challenges Through Dialogue: Towards Cooperation, Development, and Progress," with four main themes:

  • Foreign policy and international security
  • International development and sustainability
  • Energy and climate change
  • Economy and finance

Representatives from GRATA International Kazakhstan, Switzerland, and the UAE will participate as delegates in the Astana International Forum. The delegates include Dimitri Papadopoulos, Executive Director and Representative of the Zurich office,  Samat Daumov and Liya Akzhanova, Partners,  Ainura Takeyeva, Counsel of the Astana office, as well as Issam Dahman, the Managing Partner and Paul Afif of the Dubai office.

For more detailed information, please visit the Forum's website.

Issam Dahman
Contacts: Issam Dahman
Job title: Managing Partner
Dubai, UAE
Liya Akzhanova
Contacts: Liya Akzhanova
Job title: Partner, Deputy Head of GRATA in Astana, Director of regional development
Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Ainura Takeyeva
Contacts: Ainura Takeyeva
Job title: Counsel
Aktau, Kazakhstan
Dimitri Papadopoulos
Contacts: Dimitri Papadopoulos
Job title: Executive Director
Zurich, Switzerland
Samat Daumov
Contacts: Samat Daumov
Job title: Partner, Director of GRATA International in Astana
Astana, Kazakhstan
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