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GRATA International starts working with EXPO-2017 companies as a legal service company


Less than two months are left before EXPO-2017. The exhibition will incorporate 100 countries and over 10 international organisations.  The event is supposed to push Kazakhstan to a new level.

The commercial and legal aspects of this event are especially important because the project developers need to protect their rights and patents, be confident and protected by law even after the exhibition.

GRATA International was chosen as one of the official legal service companies. The Firm has already received requests for advice and support in registration of a permanent establishment, legal entity, for visa support during the exhibition, as well as support for refund of VAT paid when purchasing goods, works and services for the construction, installation, operation and dismantling of pavilions, including permanent and general advising on the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Firm opened its doors on 22 April 1992. GRATA International has 25 years of successful work and the great number of happy clients. The Firm's strategy is continuous self-improvement and constant desire to achieve success. The Fir,'s team consists of 200 highly qualified lawyers who know their job, capable of solving even the most complicated cases in the different economy industries and law areas around the world promptly and with a good quality.

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