Grata International partners with IsFIN to expand emerging market opportunities

Grata International partners with IsFIN to expand emerging market opportunities

In today’s turbulent post-COVID, post-Brexit world, it is more important than ever to further invest and strengthen worldwide business connections. In this perspective, Ummi Jalilova, Partner of GRATA International and Director of the Baku office, and Professor Laurent Marlière, CEO of IsFIN -Emerging Markets Advisors, are thrilled to announce a synergy to consolidate and boost the investment market in Azerbaijan. The collaboration aims to enhance both organizations' capabilities to assist companies in doing business in the CIS countries and in Central Asia. According to Marlière, ISFIN has managed to have one of the best coverages within the Europe at a time when the continent is appealing to investors from Asia and the Middle East. He adds, “We are onboarding professional firms which have the finest technical capacity and the vision to handle sophisticated investors from those regions. GRATA is the best positioned firm in the region”.

Grata International law firm (GRATA) is a developing practice in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The firm accompanies growth and opportunities for asset classes such as construction, mining, airlines, light and heavy industry, etc. The firm is solidly established with great potential for investment and recognized relationship with foreign corporations looking at this dynamic market. 

While Azerbaijan has been impacted by the economic consequences of the crisis, it now offers a wealth of opportunities to smart investors. GRATA has helped the region become more a favorable business climate thanks to assisting companies with new developments in established sectors; opportunities which will continue to increase its attractiveness for direct foreign investments, with a view to contributing to the diversification of the structure of the economy.

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