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GRATA International is strengthening its presence on Russia's legal market

We are glad to announce that starting January 2019 our clients can receive a full range of legal services in Kazan.


Since Tatarstan is one of the most advanced and innovative regions of the Russian Federation, entry into the Kazan market is a strategically important decision. 

Kazan as a capital of the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the largest industrial, financial and investment centers in Russia. The economy of the city is mainly focused on engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries, light and food industries.

Thanks to dynamic interaction and diversified experience of our lawyers within the global network, the representative of GRATA International in Kazan can assist in solving challenging problems, offering solid experience and providing good quality support ensuring that clients will receive a long-term results and competitive advantages.

Key contacts:

Eldar Ziatdinov  

+7 910 428 2129  


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