GRATA International in Switzerland

GRATA International in 

GRATA International in Switzerland

On 5 September 2015, during a meeting of the heads of GRATA International and Muellhaupt & Partners, the firms signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation. The Memorandum is aimed at improving the work efficiency and expanding the performance boundaries.

The Memorandum is a new step towards the development of Kazakh-Swiss relations, to enhance the development prospect of the companies, to provide clients with a chance to gain access to competent legal assistance in Switzerland, as well as in all countries of GRATA International presence.

GRATA International brief profile: GRATA International has been established in 1992. Now GRATA International is the international law firm with more than 200 lawyers and offices not only in Kazakhstan, but in many other countries as well. GRATA International gained serious reputation as a leading advisor in oil and gas, mining, banking and finance, telecommunications, transport and logistics, industry, retail, construction and real estate. For further details please visit the firm’s web site:

Tlek Baigabulov, Senior Partner, GRATA International:
“I am very pleased that our friendship with Dimitri Papadopoulos has led to the associated office of GRATA International in Zurich. Now, we have not just friends in Switzerland, but a serious team of highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience. With such a team we will be able to ensure an effective protection of the interests of our clients in almost all major arbitrations in Europe.”

Brief profile of Muellhaupt & Partners:
Muellhaupt & Partners Attorneys at Law is a law firm with national and international clientele and is domiciled in the center of Zurich. It was established in 1997.
The main focuses of activities are: commercial, company and general contract law, torts, merger and acquisitions, company relocations, banking and capital markets, collective investments, IT-law, labour law, construction and mandates, real estate law, inheritance law, foundations and trusts, taxation, bankruptcy and debt enforcement law, national and international civil procedures, international private law. For further details please visit the firm’s web site

Dimitri Papadopoulos, Partner, Muellhaupt & Partners:
“The friendship with Tlek Baigabulov is still very fresh, but nevertheless we both have the feeling that we have known each other for many years. Therefore, I am convinced that our friendship is the best basis for collaboration. When I was in Almaty for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, I had the opportunity to meet in person many members of GRATA's team in Almaty, and I have not only been impressed by their professionalism but also by their warm hospitality. All this and joining our forces, makes us stronger and more efficient in this fast changing world.