GRATA International in Kazan

GRATA International in Kazan

GRATA International in Kazan

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GRATA International is glad to announce that Gain & Partners Law Firm ( has become an associate office in Kazan. Since its foundation in 2010, Gain & Partners have been regarded as strong players in the region, whose lawyers have been recognised as highly qualified professionals in their field.

Kazan, the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan is not only the main hub of Volga economic region in terms of industry, finance and investment but also has the largest IT-park in the country.

Constantly expanding our coverage in Russia and worldwide, the firm is driven to provide legal services without regional boundaries. Therefore GRATA International is ready to offer such services in Kazan through our associate office - Gain & Partners. 

Kseniia Gain, Managing Partner, Gain & Partners: 

“Our team is glad to be at the forefront of the new development of legal services market of Tatarstan. We believe that by creating an alliance with GRATA International we will be able to set a new benchmark for providing legal services in Tatarstan and follow global standards. Even though technological capabilities allow businesses to operate virtually anywhere around the world, legal services still rely on operating "face to face", because a lawyer must have client's full trust and professional recognition. Due to the fact that most communication happens non-verbally, lawyer's abilities are often assessed when meeting in person. Through personal cooperation, the combined team of our law firms will be able to deal with client's issues across Central Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions. The synergy of knowledge and expertise of a team of united professionals will enhance our ability to solve the most complex problems”.

Akhmetzhan Abdullayev, Senior Partner, GRATA International: 

“We are very encouraged by the fact that the company "Gain & Partners" is now with us. It means that the unique competencies of talented colleagues from Kazan will be in demand within the framework of GRATA International network. It means that our clients from other cities and jurisdictions will be able to get additional opportunities in the Republic of Tatarstan. It means that we are on the path to creating the most successful, efficient and fastest growing network of law firms in the territory of the former Soviet countries. I am grateful to colleagues for accepting this challenge and opening themselves to new experiences and new achievements”.