GRATA Belarus took part in the German-Belarusian Economic Club

On June 9, 2021, Natalia Zhuk, Senior Associate at GRATA International, Belarus, spoke at the German-Belarusian Economic Club with a detailed analysis of the novels regarding the legislative regulation of export and import operations in connection with the adoption of a new version of the law on foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control in Belarus.

Natalia Zhuk revealed the concept of currency transactions and the grounds for their conduct, through the prism of comparative analysis, she spoke about the procedure for repatriating currency values (before - after July 9, 2021) and separately dwelled on the risks of introducing currency restrictions by authorized state bodies.

The event also paid attention to such issues as:

  • General principles of registration of foreign exchange contracts,
  • Purchase of securities abroad without violating the currency legislation of Belarus.
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