Parliament of Georgia adopted the law on Promotion of Employment

Parliament of Georgia adopted the law on Promotion of Employment

On 14 July 2020, law of Georgia on Promotion of Employment was published on the website of the Legislative Herald of Georgia.

Law regulates state activities  related to the promotion of employment, determines the active policy for labor  market and institutions responsible for the promotion of employment;

The aim of the law is to promote the employment of Georgian citizens, implement labor market’s active policies, to develop free entrepreneurship and competition and ensure equal access to employment programs for Georgian citizens living throughout the whole territory of Georgia;

Law is based on the following principles: individualization of employment promotion measures; freedom to choose an occupation; prohibition of discrimination; impartiality; private and public cooperation; free, universal and affordable government services to promote employment and the principle of one window (this includes single physical space, as well as, single electronic system);

Law defines the following main forms of employment promotion: connecting employers and job seekers, employment, employment with subsidized remuneration, internship, employment abroad (labor migration);

Employment promotion measures, prescribed by the law, purports: registration of job seekers, processing of data of persons registered, informing and consulting job seekers, assessing and profiling their employment opportunities, creating an individual career development plan, training and employment of job seekers, research of employment needs, promoting and motivating  employers and their  access to finance;

Law pays special attention to the rights of vulnerable groups and, among other things, includes appropriate regulations for the recipients of social assistance;

Law provides creation of protected work place for persons with disabilities. Protected work place envisages the creation by the employer (in agreement with the agency) of the environment adapted for persons with disabilities;

Law defines the rights and responsibilities of job seekers and employers, which ensure, on the one hand, that the employers’ needs  are identified and responded to, and on the other hand, that the job seekers are motivated and employed;

Pursuant to the law, the parliament of Georgia establishes the basic legislative grounds for the  management, planning and analysis of an  active labor market policy;

Law provides that employment promotion on the territory of Georgia be provided by the state, as well as by the private sector (in cases established by law) and sets forth the obligations and functions  of each entity involved in the process;

Law became effective upon its publication.

Source and date of publication: Legislative Herald of Georgia, 14.07.2020.

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