Extension of special quarantine regime in Azerbaijan

The Decision #359 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 28, 2020 defines an extension of the special quarantine regime in the territory of Azerbaijan.

Under this decision, the special quarantine regime in the country has been extended until November 02, 2020.

All public transport on weekends shall be suspended on the following dates:

from 00:00 (GMT+4) October 3 to 06:00 (GMT+4) October 5;

from 00:00 (GMT+4) October 10 to 06:00 (GMT+4) October 12;

from 00:00 (GMT+4) October 17 to 06:00 (GMT+4) October 19;

from 00:00 (GMT+4) October 24 to 06:00 (GMT+4) October 26;

from 00:00 (GMT+4) October 31 to 06:00 (GMT+4) November 2.

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